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Year Released: 2020

Staring: Simon Phillips, Michael Swatton, Julie Mainville

Director: Adrian Langley


A family of sadistic butchers has dug into the back country and, from the deep freeze of winter to the dog days of summer, anyone who crosses their path is dead meat.

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"_**Realistic hillbilly horror**_ Two young couples break down in the sticks of the Northeast where they encounter some questionable shack-dwelling yokels (Simon Phillips, Michael Swatton, etc.) who have a pregnant captive (Samantha De Benedet). “Butchers” (2020) is a wilderness slasher that creates a feeling of mundane, solemn realism similar to the tone of "Wolf Creek" (2005) whereas "Wrong Turn" (2003) became increasingly cartoonish. Remember the sequence in the latter where the protagon"

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