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Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Year Released: 1969

Staring: Peter Cushing, Veronica Carlson, Freddie Jones

Director: Terence Fisher


Baron Frankenstein, with the aid of a young doctor and his fiancée, kidnaps the mentally sick Dr. Brandt in order to perform the first brain transplant operation.

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"I fancy that I am the spider and you are the fly, Frankenstein. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is directed by Terence Fisher and written by Bert Batt. It stars Peter Cushing, Veronica Carlson, Simon Ward and Freddie Jones. Music is by James Bernard and cinematography by Arthur Grant. The fifth entry in Hammer Film's Frankenstein series is one of the best. Playing as a variant on the original Frankenstein sources, story finds Cushing's Baron Victor Frankenstein as an utterly repugnant indiv"

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