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I Saw What You Did
I Saw What You Did

Year Released: 1965

Staring: Joan Crawford, John Ireland, Leif Erickson, Sara Lane

Director: William Castle


Teenagers Libby and Kit innocently spend an evening making random prank calls. These calls lead to murderous consequences.

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"Uxoricide! I Saw What You Did is directed by William Castle and written by William P. McGivern. It stars John Ireland, Joan Crawford, Leif Erickson, Andi Garrett, Sara Lane and Sharyl Locke. Music is by Van Alexander (Joseph Gershenson supervising) and cinematography by Joseph F. Biroc. When two teenagers on babysitting duties decide to have fun making prank phone calls, their evening turns sinister when they call up a man who has just murdered his wife… William Castle was of course b"

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