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The Killing
The Killing

Year Released: 1956

Staring: Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Vince Edwards

Director: Stanley Kubrick


Crook Johnny Clay assembles a five-man team to plan and execute a daring racetrack robbery.

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"This is a bad joke without a punch line. The Killing is directed by Stanley Kubrick who co-adapts to screenplay with Jim Thompson from the novel Clean Break written by Lionel White. It stars Sterling Hayden, Marie Windsor, Elisha Cook Jr, Vince Edwards, Jay C. Flippen and Coleen Gray. Music is by Gerald Fried and cinematography by Lucien Ballard. Ex-con Johnny Clay (Hayden) has a plan to make a killing at the racetrack, with some special inside help he plots to nab $2 million in an intric"

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