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The Mighty Ducks
The Mighty Ducks

Year Released: 1992

Staring: Emilio Estevez, Joss Ackland, Lane Smith

Director: Stephen Herek


A self-centered Minnesota lawyer is sentenced to community service coaching a rag tag youth hockey team.

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"Very good. <em>'The Mighty Ducks'</em> is a film that I've heard about for a long, long time but this was my first time watching. I enjoyed it, in short. Satisfying sports story, a solid message, decent humour and a serviceable cast. Emilio Estevez is fine in the role of Gordon, he's definitely the best actor on display here. The numerous child actors are all alright, Shaun Weiss (Goldberg) is the one who stands out in my memory most. A nice little film about a local, youth ice hockey t"

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