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What Doesn't Kill You
What Doesn't Kill You

Year Released: 2008

Staring: Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, Amanda Peet, Will Lyman

Director: Brian Goodman


Two childhood friends from South Boston turn to crime as a way to get by, ultimately causing a strain in their personal lives and their friendship.

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"I am a sucker for these gritty, crime-filled dramas I must admit. <em>'What Doesn’t Kill You'</em> gives me strong vibes of 2014's <em>'The Drop'</em> and 2010's <em>'The Town'</em>, it's miles better than that awful former but not quite on the high level of the latter. This is very nicely acted, with Ethan Hawke (Paulie), Mark Ruffalo (Brian) and Amanda Peet (Stacy) all delivering goodness in their roles - Ruffalo being the standout, he really shows off the plight of his character brilliantl"

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