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Rock Dog
Rock Dog

Year Released: 2016

Staring: Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard, J.K. Simmons, Lewis Black

Director: Ash Brannon


When a radio falls from the sky into the hands of a wide-eyed Tibetan Mastiff, he leaves home to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician, setting into motion a series of completely unexpected events.

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"**Every dog has its day.** Yeah, just like what we say in our country on 'made in China', a poor and cheap quality product. It seems they never ever see the bright side in this business (making products). This is the Sino-US collaboration product and as usual the film was too poor. The animation was much better than some of the B animation features. But the universe was too small, or you can say restricted for certain enclosure makes it fall in as a bad film. That's when you observe the backg"

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